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Trade Buddy

Trade Buddy | Angel One | Angel Broking

Trade buddy is a new and exciting app that comes with the Angel One Demat account. This application allows a user to promote their uploaded videos on YouTube. A team reviews the channel’s videos before approving them. The video shared below shows all the details about how one can access the trade buddy app using their Angle One app.

What is Angel One?

Firstly, let us understand what exactly is Angel One. Angel One is a broker, trading member of the exchange in India. It provides users access to the Indian Securities markets especially the Indian Equities market. There are three facilities that this broker offers. Also to note the fact that Angel One is the number 1 Full broker of India. Previously Angel One was known as the Angel Broking App. Therefore to date, a lot of people are confused why this name was changed??

Difference between a full and discount broker

The only difference between a full and discount broker is the margin on delivery of stocks and charges. The margin on delivery can be understood with an example. Suppose you want 500 Rs of stock in Holdings or Delivery buy you only have 100 Rs in your account. Then a full broker will lend you a certain amount i.e 400 Rs for a week or two and charge you a nominal amount of interest rate on the lent money. With a discount broker, you will have to pay the full 500 Rs. This is the basic difference.

Services of a bull broker

In terms of charges with the availability of online brokerage calculators and competition. The brokerage charges of both the full broker and discount broker are almost the same in every aspect. However, let us look at the services they offer.

  1. Intraday Trading facitlity
  2. Margin to Trade facility
  3. Delivery or Holding Facility
  4. Advisory Facility

Trade buddy is a platform where we get the advisory facility from Angel One application.

Who is an Angel One DRA?

If you want to become a DRA, you can contact us at 7610213269. A DRA of Angel One or Angel broking is an agent broker without the liability of a Sub-broker. A person can become a sub-broker without keeping any deposit for Angel Broking or Angel One application. But there are certain conditions and restrictions associated with this program.

Commissions of a DRA

A DRA gets a dedicated dashboard for customers where he/she can check the progress of an applicant. The DRA gets up to 50% commission on brokerage from Intraday trades and Margin Trades. Additionally, a DRA also gets account opening incentives. The incentives schemes may vary month on month. Every month there is a scheme. However, a DRA does not get a commission of the DP charges that go to Angel One on delivery of the stocks. If you want to become a DRA and earn some amount then we will provide you with the guidance to handle your services. Trade Buddy will also come in handy in this programme to increase your reach. Our numbers are provided above.

Angel one app live demo
Trade Buddy Anel One

Trade Buddy Initiative

The initiative is meant for the DRA’s to improve their sources of earnings by creating informative videos. The trade buddy app will promote videos so that the creators’ and promotors’ both reap the benefits of the symbiotic relationship. Therefore a lot of DRAs will appreciate this initiative.

All is not well with the initiatives undertaken by erstwhile Angel Broking and now Angel One. The programs launched with full zest did not fructify. Sensibull and Smallcase were the programs taken by rival ZerodhaNevertheless, the idea of empowering the workforce and taking care will go a long way in improving the customer flow towards Angel One.

How can we add our YouTube channel to Trade Buddy?

The first problem that a user will encounter when one tries to follow the step by step guide to using the app is there is no + or add button. How can we add the video or our channel for the review?

  • Login to your Angel One App
  • On the left hand, you will observe three bars press to Open Menu
  • The panel will show a menu whose last entry is More Button
  • On a new page, you will see a new option of Angel Labs
  • In Angel Labs we can see an icon of Trade Buddy

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