Learning trading investing

Learning trading investing for Free – The basic idea behind the creation of this website is to impart free learning to a beginner in the share market and provide broking services.

As you sow, So shall you reap

From the Bible, Galatians VI (King James Version):

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A beginner can learn to trade and invest in the Indian share market by following the syllabus on this website. The basics of markets like trading, investing, analysis, approach, objective, risk management, diversification, and time frame analysis, are explained. Also, some of the best books and materials will be shared, via google drive, weblinks from time to time.

A person can apply the same knowledge to identify the assets for trading and investing in different types of markets across the globe.

Objectives of this Free Learning Trading Investing Course

The objective of this course is that after studying or going through the topics, videos and content on this website, a person will be able to answer the following questions.

A systematic study will help an individual in the formation of the correct perceptions and analytical skills. The publicly available data will help us in simplifying the markets. It will also improve our abilities to spot discrepancies. Therefore before an individual jumps into the stock/share/financial markets, they should know the answers to some of these questions related to the markets.


Trading is both technical and tactical. One has to be careful of the risks involved. Therefore we will study the below-mentioned syllabus. Our study will help us in dealing with the markets. All this will give us a brief idea of the setup requirements for handling our investments. Finally, all of this exercise will also set out our expectations of the returns. The absolute returns a person generates from the markets will depend on the skills learnt from the course. Trading purely relies on candlestick patterns and indicators, partly on fundamental analysis and news.

Learning trading investing

Trading course syllabus

To start, trading we will first have to cover some basic terms and terminologies related to trading in general. We will also have to look into the names and functionality of institutions from the Indian context. It will create a minimum knowledge base for us, which will help us in taking trades.

  1. Technical Indicators
  2. Fundament Indicators
    • Types of Ratios
    • Analyzing balance sheets/ Account statements
  3. Types of financial instruments suited for trading

These topics are easy to understand, practice and a beginner should not take more than three days to understand 90% of the subject material. The remaining 10% will take time for completion as it will come with real-world experience, practice and revision.

We will try to keep our course brisk and small thereby, eliminating unnecessary portions and definition. As a result, the reader will learn trading within three days and get meaningful results within seven days.


Investing is an art, as it is said but, that is only in the literal sense. Firstly and foremostly, it is more of mathematics than an art. Secondly, in investing, a person is not subjected to unwarranted risks but calculated risks. Finally, a person can know the risk of a business by doing the following things.

  1. A thorough reading of the balance sheet
  2. Tracking past performance
  3.  News flow
  4. Maintaining a Margin of Safety.
Learning trading investing

Investing course syllabus

To start, investing we will first have to cover some basic terms and terminologies related to trading in general. We will also have to look into the names and functionality of institutions from the Indian context like we did above. The following are the topics that we will cover to learn the art of investing.

  1. Types of asset classes
  2. Valuation – Ratios 
  3. Balance sheet analysis
  4. Commodity price analysis
  5. Setting up Correlation between different markets & sectors

We will also use some of the outside sources both for trading and investing. These will include – TradingViewIn.InvestingMoneycontrolVarsity by ZerodhaValue research.

We are very thankful to Unplash, Pexel, Pixabay for allowing everyone to access the free library of images and Canva for providing a free tool for editing and creating beautiful images and videos.

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