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Learn to trade and invest

The basic idea behind the creation of this website is to impart free knowledge to a beginner so that he/she can learn to trade and invest in the Indian securities markets. The basics of both the trading and investment are same but the approch, objective, risks and time frame are different. Therefore we will study both and then analyze securities and other assets for trading and investment across different types markets.


Learn to trade

Trading preys upon the luck of an individual. One cannot be rational with trading but one can be careful and therefore we will study the below mentioned syllabus related to trading. This will give us a brief idea and set our expections. It will also help us in limiting our risks associated with this sport.

  1. Technical Indicators
    • Types of Candles
    • Candlestick Patters
    • Charting
  2. Fundament Indicators
    • Types of Ratios
    • Analyzing balance sheets/ Account statements
  3. Type of Asset class suited for trading

We will also use some of the outside sources both for trading and investing. These will include – TradingView, In.Investing, Moneycontrol, Varsity by Zerodha.

We will try to keep our course brisk and small thereby eliminating unncessay portions and definition. As a result, of which the reader will be able to learn trading within a time frame of 7 days.


Learn to invest
Learn to invest

Investing is an art as it is said but that is only in literal sense. It is more of a mathematics than art. In Investing a person is not subject to unwarrented risks. A person can know the risks of a business just by giving a thorough reading of the balance sheet, news flow + Keeping a margin of safety. Know your price when to buy. To analyze securities we need to study the following.

  1. Valuation – Ratios
  2. Balance sheet analysis
  3. Commodity price analysis
  4. Setting up Correlation between different markets & sectors