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No Wonder X is the new T Twitter Logo changed 25/07/23

Twitter logo changed to the symbol X few day ago a dog took the space that was occupied by bird. The history of Twitter logos were relatively stable until the dawn of Elon the Musk. Musk thought of armtwitsting the micro blogging website twitter for a meme in showing solidarity to his investments in cryptocurrencies. He changed the logo of a bird into a dog more precisely the doge coin. It was alleged that he was trying to influence the price of doge coin in which he is already invested which is against the law. He then once again reversed the logo of a dog to the bird.

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, and its logo is one of the most recognizable. But how has the Twitter logo evolved over the years?

Twitter Logo History
Twitter Logo History

The Early Years

The first Twitter logo was created in 2006, when the company was still in its early days. The logo was a simple wordmark, with the word “Twitter” written in a rounded sans-serif font. The font was designed by Linda Gavin, and the color scheme was a light blue with a white outline.

In 2010, Twitter introduced a new logo that featured a small blue bird. The bird was named “Larry” after the basketball player Larry Bird, and it was designed by Biz Stone. The bird logo was meant to represent the idea of “tweeting,” or sending a short message on Twitter.

The Current Logo Bird X

The current Twitter logo was introduced in 2012. The logo is a simplified version of the Larry Bird logo, with the bird’s body and wings made up of perfect circles. The logo was designed by Martin Grasser, and it is meant to represent the simplicity and immediacy of Twitter. Twitter for a brief period adopted doge as its logo and the image of its comparison can be seen below. This did not surprise followers of Elon Musk who did what he said. He proclaimed he will take the company private and he did.

True to his words, a man powerful enough to turn a white swan into black and blue birds into dogs and xes. There is nothing that stops him from doing what he wants to do.

Two Twitter Logos
Two Twitter LogX

The current logo of Twitter is a symbol X but it is unclear as to how long twitter will keep this logo. It is unclear what the future holds for the Twitter logo. However, it is likely that the logo will continue to evolve as Twitter itself evolves. The logo is an important part of Twitter’s brand identity, and it is likely that the company will take care to ensure that the logo remains relevant and recognizable.

Elon Musk Profile Picture
Elon Musk Profile Picture on Twitter

San Francisco removes X from Twitter Headquarters

Trouble is my only friend and its back again the words find its true meaning when we talk about Elon Musk. On 29th July 2023 Elon Musk posted a video of his new logo X on the headquarters of San Francisco office writing that – It is important for more people to come to work in San Francisco or the rest of the city can’t survive, the very next day San Francisco removes X from Twitter Headquarters. The video can be seen when the logo is taken off.

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