Bitcoin or Blood Coin

There are many limitations of Bitcoin. But we did not bog our minds to go into the details of these limitations. To understand the rise of cryptocurrency, we will have to first go through the timeline of its development. Then look at the limitations one by one. Timeline of prices of Bitcoin The timeline of […]


Afghanistan borders, Ethnicity, Taliban, Culture

Afghanistan is a country of central Asia surrounded by Pakistan on the east and Iran on the west. Let us look at the other neighbouring countries and the geographical features of Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a landlocked country. The nearest sea route access is 480 Km. Terminologies Taliban – “Student” Al Qaeda – “The Base” Mujahideen […]

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Trade Buddy | Angel One | Angel Broking

Trade buddy is a new and exciting app that comes with the Angel One Demat account. This application allows a user to promote their uploaded videos on YouTube. A team reviews the channel’s videos before approving them. The video shared below shows all the details about how one can access the trade buddy app using their […]


Google Pay FD (Fixed Deposit)

Google Pay FD (Fixed Deposit) – In the first phase of the rollout, Equitas Small finance bank will be offering the FDs via the Google Pay application. A person doesn’t need to have a savings account in the Equitas Small Finance bank to create a Fixed Deposit in the Google Pay application. It is a […]


UPSC Prelims Previous years question papers free download

The UPSC is going to conduct the Civil Services Preliminary 2021 exam on the 10th of October 2021. An examination which is long-awaited by the candidates. To understand the pattern of questions, all those students appearing for the exam in 2021 should solve the previous years UPSC Prelims Papers. The official website of UPSC shows papers […]

iPad Pro 2021 price in USA and India Review

Ipad Pro 2021 The cost or price of the iPad Pro in 2021 in India is close to 2.3 Lac Rs. The official website of Apple highlights the price of the iPad Pro starting at Rs 71900/-. Therefore, one gets an impression that powered with the new apple M1-chip, the iPad Pro is a good buy. But this impression […]

Market Timings

To understand market timings, first, we have to look at the types of markets available for us to trade. In India, we have equities, currencies, commodities, and bond markets. Then as a general rule of thumb, every Saturday and Sunday are fun days known as market holidays in India. The most famous market in India is undoubtedly the equities market. Equity Market […]

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Banking Business in India

A brief Introduction To trade or invest in banking stock, it is a good practice to understand the banking business in India. Firstly, the bulk of earnings that India generates in a fiscal year comes from the Tertiary sector. Tertiary Sector – Includes IT, Banking and all other allied services. For more on the sectors, go […]

Financial Frauds in India

Financial Frauds – Firstly, the growth of the internet resulted in an increasing number of financial frauds in India. Here are some of the remedies which, can be used to curb these frauds. Types of Financial frauds in India There are many types of financial fraud taking place in India. Some of them are as […]

Financial Markets

Indian Market Regulators

The Indian market regulators consists of the following entites. What is the role of the Indian market Regulators? The Indian market regulators creates a fair, impratial and transparent playing field for all participants. Firstly, if we look at the markets there are three components of any market. They are buyer, seller and regulator. SEBI – […]