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Piers Morgan’s Moral Quandry in the Fierce Israel Hamar War of 2023

Piers Morgan, an English broadcaster, journalist, author, and television personality, is recognized for his provocative and forthright demeanor, frequently leading to controversy. In addition to his media career, he has achieved success as a businessman, establishing his own production company, Fulwell 73.

What is Piers Morgan’s Moral Quandry in Israel Hamas War?

After listening to all his debates with the eminent guests, he has interviewed or is in the process of interviewing he asks them a few questions and they are as follows.

  1. Do you condemn Hamas’s action on October 7? If you do then the follow-up question is
  2. What is the proportionate response?

He also tends to give explanations like if Hamas hides behind human shields resulting in the catastrophic loss of Palestinian civilians in Gaza & Israel’s stated goal is eradication of Hamas & bringing back Israeli hostages then how are they going to achieve this without doing what they are doing? Some of the prominent guests he has interviewed are Bassam Youssef, Prof. Norman Finkelstein, Gabor Mate, Mohammed Hijab, Rabbi Shmuley, Douglas Murrey, Eylon Levi, Andrew Tate, etc

According to Israel, Israel lost 1200 Civilians & 240 were taken captives & as per Palestinian Authority’s numbers close to 14000 people lost their lives. Both sides include children and women. The death of a man has no value in wars as supposedly they are supposed to fight & die without the limelight or attention of the media is not the conclusion because we mention them (in this article). Any loss of life in a war is a loss to humanity but having written that context is helpful in understanding the action taken by Hamas & Israel.

Piers Morgan’s Explanation

Piers Morgan is horrified at the scale at which the attack took place on October 7 2023 on a sovereign country like Israel but he is not horrified when people who do not look sane backed by the Israeli military shoot openly in the West Bank which is part of Palestine. The sovereignty of Palestine is less of importance to people in the West and Piers Morgan is no exception.

IDF is the defense force of Israel but Hamas is not the defense force of Palestine contrary to common sense it is a terrorist organisation. Israel is the occupier of parts of the West Bank & controller of the Gaza Strip and therefore not a recipient of medieval barbaric violence. However, it can raid the West Bank if it feels threatened.

Piers Morgan starts his story with the horrific attacks of October 7 whereas all the scholars who support the cause of Palestine begin their story from 1948 & the events that unfolded thereafter to understand the plight of what the Palestinians are facing. Both sides are complicit however so far the story projection of Hamas their social media presence along with propaganda is drawing more sympathy & Israel is losing its reputation in the international community.

Abu Obaida Hamas Spokesperson

Piers Morgan Career

The Table consists of some of the important events of Piers Morgan’s life including his professional career & the controversies surrounding him.

YearOccupationNotable Achievements
1965BirthPiers Stefan O’Meara born on March 30 in Newick, East Sussex, England. He later changed his surname to Morgan in 1997.
Early CareerStudied journalism at Harlow College and began as a reporter for the South London Press.
1990sEditor of Bizarre at The SunBecame the editor of The Sun’s showbusiness column, Bizarre, in the early 1990s.
1994Editor of News of the WorldAppointed editor at the age of 29, making him the youngest editor of a British national newspaper in over 50 years.
1995Editor of Daily MirrorAppointed as the editor but was fired in 2004 due to a phone-hacking scandal.
2011-2014Host of Piers Morgan Tonight / Piers Morgan LiveHosted a talk show on ITV during this period.
2015-2021Co-host of Good Morning BritainCo-hosted the ITV Breakfast programme with Susanna Reid.
2006–2011Judge on America’s Got TalentServed as a judge on the talent show.
2007–2010Judge on Britain’s Got TalentContinued his role as a judge on the talent show.
2017Documentary HostPresented documentaries, including “The Killer Women of the World” and “Confessions of a Serial Killer with Piers Morgan.”
ControversiesFaced controversies, accused of racism, sexism, and homophobia. Resigned from Good Morning Britain in 2021.
2018Trump InterviewInterviewed Donald Trump for a special edition of “Piers Morgan Live,” facing criticism for being a Trump apologist.
2019Controversial Defense of Prince Harry and Meghan MarkleDefended the royal couple’s decision, leading to his resignation from Good Morning Britain.
BusinessFounded his own production company, Fulwell 73.
Piers Morgan Career Table

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