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Satya Pal Malik in an Interview with Karan Thapar of The Wire

Sensational Satya Pal Malik Interview The Wire 14 Apr

Satya Pal Malik on 14th April gave an interview to Karan Thapar. The interview was posted on 14th April 2023 on YouTube. The interview revolves around the role of the governor in Jammu & Kashmir during the time of abrogation of Article 370. What led Satya Pal Malik to dissolve the constituent assembly of the erstwhile state of J&K?

Satya Pal Malik Interview goes Viral

Satya Pal Malik in an interview raised questions on the character and behavior of the Prime Minister. He says and we quote here “Wo apni shooting karwa rahe the”, “He was busy in shooting” when Pulwama happened. The sentence itself is unbiased but the manner in which he speaks about the prime minister is noteworthy. It seems as though the Prime Minister failed to walk the talk when the situation demanded. He also said that  â€œMein safely keh sakta hoon Prime Minister ko corruption se bahut nafrat nahin hain” – The Wire.

Karan Thapar has also done an interview with the Prime Minister in which Mr. Narendra Modi was clearly seen disturbed when Karan asked the PM about the “Ghost of Ghodra”. PM Modi asks Karan to drink water and then ask him to stop the interview midway saying “Dosti Bani Rahe Bas”.

The New Interview

In the new interview, Karan Thapar directs the questions in such a manner that again Prime Minister Narendra Modi was on the target. The interview was less about Satya Pal Malik as a person and what he did in his capacity as a Governor. More emphasis was given to the controversy surrounding Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Satya Pal Malik. We did not get to see the stories that Satya Pal Malik could have given us as to how he had fatigued the Kashmiri people.

It looks as though Karan Thapar had to settle the score with the Prime Minister. The line of questioning could have been more balanced but the line of questioning was done in such a manner that it dented the image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But undoubtedly, Karan Thapar did a good job and asked, and pressed the then governor of J&K but failed to show the personality of Satya Pal Malik. The interview could have been more than just targeting the Prime Minister.

Excerpts of the Interview

The topics that were discussed by Karan Thapar and Satya Pal Malik in the interview ranged from corruption to politics to Adani.

  1. The PM does not mind corruption
  2. 370 Abrogation was in the BJP manifesto and they had to do it
  3. The PM is very ill-informed.
  4. He has a different view of the PM
  5. Unhappy with downgrading the State of J&K to a Union Territory
  6. The Adani Issue will haunt PM as it has penetrated the grassroots and local people are singing songs in their dialects
  7. The PM told him not to accept our own fault for not providing aircraft and not following the protocol.
  8. He also praised PM, When PM lauded him for rejecting the Insurance bill and Hydropower project
  9. The Goa Incident – He said he had a very different view of the PM
  10. He was allegedly offered 300 Cr as a bribe.
  11. He is only being provided 1 SOP and lives in a rental apartment. There is a serious threat to his security.

Atique Ahmed Live Shooting in Police Custody

Atique Ahmed’s live shooting took most of the prime time on television and the debate over the interview given by the former Governor of J&K and the mainstream media. The news and incidents from his shootings is all over the internet, what the governor said on PM is sidelined. Hindu Muslim debate and State politics has taken control of our attention whereas Satya Pal Malik has taken a back seat. Recently, Japanese PM Fumio Kishida was also attacked.

Atique Ahmed

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