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russia ukraine crisis

Russia Ukraine Crisis | World war 3 | 2022 Live News 🔴 

The Russia Ukraine crisis has escalated into a full-blown war. But how did the world just after recovering from the shock of the waves of the covid-19 pandemic reach this stage? For this, we will have to trace the timeline from the pages of the history of where did it all go wrong in the first place

Latest updates on the Russia Ukraine crisis. Timeline of events

  • 15-03-2022 till 22-03-2022. The major highlight of the Russia ukraine crisis is that for the first time Russia demonstrated its hypersonic missile capabilities by using it Kinzhal missile system. The hypersonic missile is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, but the missile that was used by Russia carried a conventional warhead. Muliple times talk failed between Russian delegation & Ukrainian delegations.
  • Between 03-03-2022 & 14-03-2022. There have been allegations, counter allegations by both the parties. The invasion has not stopped. Efforts are made to evacuate the cities & humanitarian corridors were created. Biological weapons, Chemical weapons allegation levied by Russia & Nuclear facilities overtaken by Russian could result in a disaster allegation on Russia.
  • Russia is laying seige to most of the major cities in Ukraine & actively seeking help from Bellarus, China & even India. However the Indian side & the Chinese side so far have taken a neutral stand. Russian economy is sanctioned by the NATO members for war crimes & not negotiating for a settlement.
  • Crude oil reaches its highest ever price recorded in the history of $116/barrel 8817 while conversion rate is 76 Rs per dollar. The devastating impact of all this price rise will be seen in the Indian Economy as India is a net importer – 03-03-2022
  • Threats, statements & bombing but on the ground no steps have been taken to descalate the situation. Increased amount of disinformation, information warfare tactics is being played out. News channels are reporting the events like at anytime Russia is going to drop a nuclear bomb to grab the eyeballs. – 02-03-2022.
  • C-17 globe master to takeoff from India for humanitarian assistance and bring back stranded Indian students. PM Modi asks Indian Airforce to join the opertion ganga – – 01-03-2022
  • Russia drops a vacuum bomb on Ukraine. Russia Ukraine crisis intensifies. Ukraine accuse Russia of war crimes – – 01-03-2022
  • Kharkiv freedom square hit by a Russian missile, govenment building destroyed – 01-03-2022
  • Manhandling of Indian students and racial discrimination of European nations in allowing students of black, brown color to cross border to take shelters. – 28-02-2022
  • Deadlock on the meeting held in Golan Belarus – Russia has three demands & Ukraine has their demands of joining EU & becoming NATO ally. Talks failed -28-02-2022
  • President Putin redies country to prepare for 50K soldiers medical emergency & is keeping the nuclear deterrence action force on high alert. It is alleged that the Ukrainian forces are using banned chemical weapons against the Russian forces & fighting with masks on. – 27-02-2022
  • A place for meeting between the Ukrainian delegation & the Russian delegation was decided close to the border of Ukraine and Belarus at a place called Golan inside Belarus. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr refused to meet the Russian delegation in the Minsk. -27-02-2022
  • Germany, France, Poland, Belgium & other countries will provide aid and ammunition to the Ukrainian forces against Russia. – 27-02-2022
  • SWIFT Sanctions are activated partially against Russia – Youtube video of swift sanctions on 27-02-2022 most of the European countries closed their airspace for the Russian airplanes.
  • Kharkyiv and Kyiv fighting resumes & a series of misinformation from both the sides.
  • Fighting continue in Kyiv 14:11 IST 26-02-2022. Ukrainian forces are resisting Russian invasion.
  • A viral video of a missile hitting a residential building on twitter
  • Both sides have claimed casualties both military forces & civilian population lost lives. The actual number will never be known. Officially for Ukraine is 137 died & 300 injured for the Russian Federation the numbers will be equal.
  • The voting on the draft resolution of the UN is vetoed by Russia. China, India & UAE abstained from voting.
  • NATO has activated its NATO Response Force, marking the first time the alliance has activated the potentially 40,000-person force for “a deterrence and defense” –

Historical Aspect of the Russia Ukraine Crisis

Well, we can go on writing about it but the video explains it better. Though the video is missing one important aspect of the west’s (the USA, UK-led NATO) betrayal of Russia.

The fact that the USA, after the fall of the Soviet Union or USSR assured Russia that it would not expand the NATO eastwards towards the borders of Russia for its security concerns. However, the image below shows what the USA said and what they did.

Russia Ukraine Crisis a confit caused by NATO Expansion
Russia Ukraine Crisis a conflict caused by NATO’s Expansion

Part1 of the historical timelines Russia Ukraine crisis

Russia Ukraine crisis how did it unfold?

The power to project an image can lead you to permanently form a myopic image on your eye lens. This can be said with reference to the Russian President, who in the name of security is opting for the display of power not considering the fact that there will be an insurmountable amount of suffering and misery for the common people. War did no good to anyone, Putin certainly is not an exception.

  • 2014 Ukraine took the Russian Bait as has been projected by the western media. The EU tried to strike a trade deal with Ukraine but the Russian favouring President Yanukovich went with a 15 Billion Dollar bailout of Ukraine, which people felt that their president sold them to Russia.
  • Following a series of events Yanukovic fled to Russia as his government was toppled by the protests and his life was under threat. Many Russian speaking people living in Ukraine felt marginalized & underresprented politically.
  • This did not went well from the Russian perspective as Ukrainians were ideologically drifting away from the Russian culture, because Russian & Ukrainian language are similar, people speak both the languages. Many Russians live in Ukraine.
  • Coupled with this incident EU & NATO extended membership to Ukraine and the neighbouring countries that were previously under the influence of the former USSR. Russia saw this as a threat in its own backyard. The border between Russia and Ukraine is 2000 Km long and is porous.
  • NATO is a military organization and not a cultural organization and from the 1945 till 1991 it worked against the USSR by stationing troops and military equipments including Nuclear Missiles in the member countries.

The Seige of Kyiv has begun 17:58 IST 25-02-2022 Russia Ukraine crisis

Resident Viktor Berbash, 58, told AFP, “I saw an armoured vehicle and there was the automatic fire. And here this car, with probably an anti-aircraft gun on it, was already here.” He watched as the civilian in a car was crushed by a tank — an intentional move, he said — unsure if the driver survived or not.

Russian forces attacking Ukraine
Russian forces attacking Ukraine

“Two armoured vehicles were driving along the road, and the second of them deliberately drove into the oncoming lane,” he said. “It was not by chance, it was for fun, there was no need for this. And it just ran into this car. Stopped, reversed over it again and drove on.” Source – Times of India

Russian Tanks in Kyiv
Russia Ukraine Crisis Tanks in Kyiv – Source Newsweek

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