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Angel one app live demo

Angel One App Live Demo in Hindi

There are many videos on YouTube on how to place orders in the Angel One App. The Angel One application was earlier known as the Angel Broking app. Now the new application’s setup is more or less similar in functionality to the erstwhile angel broking application. The company claims to have increased the number of services like – Insta Trade, Trade Buddy, Advisory and much more. Out of all these features, only Insta Trade is the one which is working fine so far. Most of the other features are irrelevant.

Angel One App = Angel Broking App

To open the Demat account in Angel One write to us on our WhatsApp number 7610213269. We will be very happy to assist you. Also, we are always running some cashback offers and training programmes. If you use our link to open the account you will have lifetime access to our free services.

Types of orders in Angel One Application

Firstly, there are three types of regular or normal orders in the Angel One application. They are as follow.

  1. Intraday – In Intraday orders a trader or an investor has to square off a position prior to 3:15 PM. This time is 15 minutes before the market closing time.
  2. Margin – In margin orders we can take the delivery of a stock by borrowing money from the Angel One app. The money can be borrowed for one or more week depending upon our mark to margin payments. This feature is specifically provided by full brokers. Angel One is a full broker in the rates of discount broker.
  3. Delivery – In this type of purchase an investor has to pay the full amount to purchase a stock.
  4. Robo Order – There is however one more type of order that is the combination of Limit and Market order. This order is known as the Robo Order in the Angel One application.

Limit and Market Orders in Angel One App Live demo in Hindi

Within these three types, we have two categories of Limit Orders and Market Orders. All the other types of orders like (Stop Loss Order, Cover Order, GTT Order, AMO Order, Robo Order, Bracket Order, Basket Order) are a combination of Limit and Market orders. Let us look at these two order types in a little more detail.

  1. Limit Orders – In Limit Orders we can enter a price on which we want to buy or purchase a security. For example if the stock price is trading at 100 INR. A person wants to buy the stock at 98 INR. Then that person has to place a limit order of 98 INR.

Tip if a person places a limit order of 102 INR. When the stock price is trading at 100 INR. Then the order will execute at 100 INR because the stock is trading at a price below the limit price. Therefore the limit order converts to a market order. Hence use limit orders only to buy a stock at a price on or below the current market price.

2. Market Orders – The simplest of all the orders in any format of buying are the market orders. They are quick to execute orders. For example, if the share price is trading at 100 INR. If a market order is placed immediately it will get executed. Similarly if one wants to sell immediately the position will square off. An illustration or demo is better to understand these order types.

Brokers we support

Besides Angel One we also support some of the other brokers. The other brokers include competitors like Zerodha, Upstox. The brokerage charged by all the brokers is nearly the same in most of their plans. However one can find a lot of transparency and information when it comes to Zerodha. Zerodha is consistent in providing similar or nearly the same services to all since its inception.

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