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Best IPad Pro 2021 price review in USA and India

Ipad Pro 2021

The cost or price of the iPad Pro in 2021 in India is close to 2.3 Lac Rs. The official website of Apple highlights the price of the product starting at Rs 71900/-. Therefore, one gets the impression that powered with the new apple M1-chip, the iPad Pro is a good buy. But this impression is far from reality. Is IPad a better choice for investment than its peers at this price point?

The Ipad pro whose, price is Rs 71900, does not have enough storage space. In today’s time, we need at least 1 TB of storage space. The price of 1 TB storage space, along with wifi+cellular, is Rs 1,76,900 only. The increase is just 110% which is nothing in terms of the return people are making in bitcoins. The images below show a comparison of the prices of the Indian and the USA variant of the iPad Pro.

iPad Pro 2021 usa
iPad 2021 USA price
iPad Pro 2021 India Price
iPad Pro 2021 India Price

The price of the iPad Pro is Rs 26,000 more in the Indian markets vs the USA markets.

iPad Pro 2021 Accessories

Buying an iPad alone is of no use. The iPad comes with many accessories that are essential to convert our iPad into a laptop. They are as follow.

  • Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil is the second important component of the unit. It helps us in designing, creating high-quality graphics. Ideally, the pencil should have been a free component along with the charger, but Apple is charging almost 11,000 Rs for the pencil. The company thought that the iPad is cheap so let’s make some bucks by selling a pencil.

apple pencil price in $
Apple Pencil Price in the USA
Apple pencil price in India
Apple Pencil Price in India
  • Magic Keyboard

The magic keyboard helps us in typing with speed. It also makes our lives much easier in dealing with documents. But the pain point is its price. The magic keyboard comes at a hefty price of Rs 31,900 in India. There is no match for the quality that Apple provides to its users. But the quality comes at a cost that requires an individual to take debt.

Magic Keyboard USA
Magic Keyboard USA
Magic Keyboard India
Magic Keyboard India
  • Smart folio for iPad Pro

The casing or the cover on which the iPad Pro rests is known as the Smart Folio. It’s a cover protecting your iPad Pro from dust and unknown dangers. Smart Folio also acts like a stand on which the iPad Pro is mounted as a monitor. The Smart Folio is also adjustable. Therefore we can say that all the mentioned accessories form a part of the iPad Pro suite.

Smart Folio USA
Smart Folio USA
Smart Folio India
Smart Folio India


The US dollar to INR conversion rate as of 23-08-2021 is 1 USD = 74.5 INR. The price of the Apple suite for iPad Pro in the USA is 2576 USD. If we convert 2576 USD to INR, the value comes out to be Rs 1,90,624 which is way more than Rs 2,29,600. A difference of Rs 40000 for the same product sold in different geographies.

The per capita income in 2019 in the USA was 66,000 USD. With fiscal stimulus for covid-19 pumped into the economy. The household income will increase, and the job situation also reversed. Access to technology became cheaper, as one can see.

The price of an iPad Pro is 537 USD or 40,000 Rs more in India compared to the USA. The PPP for India is 6,600 USD on average. An American earns ten times more (66,000 USD) and pays 20% (537 USD) less than an Indian for the same product. This phenomenon is akin to technological discrimination of developed against developing countries.

Kanishka Singh Rathore

Engineer Financial Planner Editor

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