You are currently viewing Mehrangarh Fort – 5 Best spots to get clicked!

Mehrangarh Fort – 5 Best spots to get clicked!

The Mehrangarh fort is maintained by the Mehrangarh fort museum & trust. In this post, we are not going to trouble you with the history of the fort but basically will provide a guide so that one can visit the fort, see the museum and make the most use of the visit. So without doing further ado let’s get ourselves going.

What to wear when visiting Mehrangarh Fort?

Tip: When one is visiting the Mehrangarh fort it’s good to wear something in Red & Yellow or in the vibe of the city Blue & White or one may prefer any combination of bright colors.

Timings and Payment

The best time to visit the fort is late in the month of August and till early March the weather is suitable for all kinds of travelers. We visited the fort early in the morning at 10:00 AM IST and decided to take a walk instead of using the Elevator.

Entry Fee: International Guests (Includes the Audio): INR 600
Domestic Guests: INR 100
Photography Permit (Still): INR 100
Photography Permit (Video): INR 200
Elevator (one-way): INR 50 – Source Holidify

So basically the fees

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Mehrangarh fort rates for domestic & international travellers

So when we went at the ticket counters these were the actual amount we paid.

  1. Without elevator for domestic tourist the price were 200 Rs as shown in the image.
  2. With elevator it is Rs 250
  3. For International travellers it is Rs 600 and there are discounts for different categories of visitors.

Spot 1 – “The Courtyards”

The amount of people visiting this fort is overwhelming so if possible do visit this palace during the weekdays. This will help you in understanding the place and also go through the minute details as to how things were in the past. Do give a read to the English and Hindi versions of the placard placed right next to the monument. We observed that most people just brisked the monument without knowing the story behind it. The two courtyards are very apt for taking videos and images.

Mehrangarh Fort Courtyard no 2
Mehrangarh Fort Courtyard no 2
IMG 2575
Mehrangarh Fort Courtyard No 4

Spot 2 – “The Gates”

The gates are solid and huge in size with iron spikes and steel pallets extending outwards. They are photogenic in their own way. Besides the gates, the entrances within the palace and the gateways connecting courtyards are more artistic and decorated with fine designs, leaves, petals, shapes & arches in the red sandstone.

Mehrangarh fort - Courtyard Gates
Mehrangarh fort – Courtyard Gates

Spot 3 – “The Colorful Backgrounds” around the Miniature Paintings

There are many places in the fort where we get colorful backgrounds. For instance, the hall where miniature paintings are showcased & displayed. The hall where palanquins are housed. The most exceptional spot is the blue & white background with colorful glass windows marking the periphery of the hallway where small “Cradles” or Planas are kept in a row for display.

Mehrangarh Fort - Miniature Paintings on the wall
Mehrangarh Fort – Miniature Paintings on the wall
The Hallway is decorated with Blue & White designs
The Hallway is decorated with Blue & White designs

Spot 4 – “The wall paintings”

There are not many wall paintings in the Mehrangarh Fort. The Rajput Kings or the Rathore dynasty patronized fine arts and therefore we see a lot of miniature paintings. All the other paintings are either gifted by foreign artists or are a one-off things created in memory of a watershed event like the coronation of the King etc.

A wall painting in Mehrangarh Fort
A wall painting in Mehrangarh Fort

Spot 5 – “The Armoury”

When one enters the armory hall of the Mehrangarh Fort there is a placard placed that highlights the subtle difference between a swordsmith & a smith. Also along with every knife, sword, or weapon, there is a description alongside what and how it came into being. A picture standing next to it is also a good spot. Besides these spots, there are other places where one can get photographed. These places include halls, galleries, doorways, artists, and other such spots but the sheer amount of flow of people might disrupt the experience of getting that perfect shot.

Swords Mehrangarh Fort
Swords Mehrangarh Fort
Armory at Mehrangarh Fort
Armory at Mehrangarh Fort
Spears in the Armory
Spears in the Armory

The story of Bhure Khan

Bhure Khan was a soldier in the army of the ruler of Marwar. He fought against the attackers bravely and sacrificed his life in the service of his King. The King ordered that his body should be buried close to the fort. When the construction of a new phase began, the construction site workers started dismantling his grave as it was coming in the way.

Bhure Khan Mazar Mehrangarh Fort
Bhure Khan Mazar Mehrangarh Fort

The next day these workers were about to unearth the grave but that night their supervisor had a dream, in his dream Bhure Khan told him – ” I have sacrificed my life in the service of the King and you’re trying to keep me away from him”. The place where you’re digging is my grave. Stop the work now. The supervisor narrated his dream to the king. The King ordered his man to not move his grave and also build a Mazar on it.

Story of Bhure Khan in Hindi
Story of Bhure Khan in Hindi

Other Places

We have also written something about other places where we visited. Here are some other less known or unexplored vacations where one can rejoice the time in peace and awe of nature.

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