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IPO allotment Status

IPO Allotment Status

Check Dharmaj Crop Guard IPO IPO allotment status at LINK IN TIME

Firstly, IPO is a short form of an Initial Public Offering. A person can apply for an IPO using a Demat account. One of the 3 things that can be used to check IPO allotment status.

  • Pan card number or
  • IPO application number
  • DP or BO ID

There are few places where a person can find the IPO allotment status or IPO status. Mostly, Kfintech and Link in time are the lead managers of the IPO. For example, Kfintech was the lead manager of – GR Infra IPO. Link in time was the lead manager of – Clean Science and Technologies IPO, KIMS, etc.

To check the latest & upcoming IPOs one can also explore the Upcoming IPO dashboard. The latest IPO that will be announced is Dhramaj Crop Guard Limited, Uniparts India Limited & Landmark Car Limited etc

How to check IPO Allotment Status

In order to check your IPO allotment status first place to explore is BSE India.

1 BSE India IPO Allotment Status

Click on the link to BSE India IPO checking page

  • Select Equity in Issue Type
  • Select the Name of the IPO in the Issue Type
  • Enter the Application number or Pan number
  • Click on I am not a robot
BSE India IPO allotment Status

2 Kfintech

If you’re not satisfied with the result shown on the BSE India website because there might be a delay related to updates on the BSE website. Use Kfintech IPO allocation status website. Kfintech is a popular IPO lead manager.

  • Select Recent IPO is on the top of the form page
  • Select the Name of the IPO from the list of Select IPO
  • In the Query, By option select the Pan number, Application number, Client ID, or DP ID of your Demat account anyone is required
  • Enter the number shown on the screen in Captcha
Kfintech IPO Allotment Status

3 Link in Time

Link in Time is another lead manager of IPOs and even here you can find many IPO Allotment Status before it’s shown on BSE India.

  • From the list in the Select Company chose the name of the IPO
  • Enter the Application number, Pan number, DP ID, Client ID, or even the Account number from which funds are blocked.
  • Click on Submit
Link in time IPO status check

Alternatively, Google searches the IPO name and lead manager of the IPO and checks your application status. Finally, we have these four methods through which we can check our IPO status.

Why do people invest in IPOs?

There are a number of reasons to invest in the IPO market. The number one reason is the amount of return retail, as well as institutional investors, are making in the IPO market. The fund managers of Pension funds and Provident funds are also demanding a piece of cake from the IPO market. This demand puts an additional burden on the exchequer i.e SEBI to allow even institutions such as long-term pension funds to participate in the IPOs. There is a moral as well as an ethical dilemma.


If you find any difficulty in applying for the IPOs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we are here to help you out. Our email address is Alternatively, you can also comment below to let u know about the difficulty you’re facing in checking the IPO allotment status. If you don’t have a Demat account no worries we will help you out in selecting the best broker based on your need. We support the following brokers.


There are only 3 types of insurances that we recommend. These three types of insurances are sufficient to cover your responsibilities and also help you in keeping the investment part separate and the insurance part separate. Following are the details of insurances we recommend.

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