The best books to learn trading and investing are listed below. These books will aid us in our process of learning. You can have a look at the book, and relate its content to the content on the website. We have listed the products that amazon is offering from the bestsellers at the best prices. You’re free to order them from here or anywhere.

We would always want you to order from our page because it supports us. Nevertheless, you’re free to choose the best deals on the internet. Just know the names of these best-sellers. You’re all set. You can also contact us before ordering the product on this page. Our team will coordinate with you and guide you accordingly. We aim to make learning for investors easy and smooth.

Books to learn Trading and Investing

If you’re ordering books, follow a simple strategy. Buy one at a time and finish it up, read thoroughly. Keep the book handy for future references. These books are a sort of heritage. They are not only for your reading, but you can also pass them on to your generations. They are like human genes.

My personal choice is that I don’t buy kindle editions frankly because it hurts my eyes to read on a tabloid screen. Paperbacks are best suited for absorbing the content you read. So it’s up to you to decide. Earlier, I used the techniques of downloading free pdfs, and this took me almost a month to complete a book on my desktop. So to say I am not desktop friendly. So I abandoned the free pdfs technique also. Order a hardcover book and try to finish it within a week.

There are more books for trading on our list. But because of the SEO, we have to keep our titles engaging and competitive.

List of top 10 books for trading and Investing

The list will include books that an individual should study in stages to understand the difference between trading and investing. The following are the components.

Books to learn Trading

  • Technical Analysis for dummies – Written by Barbara Rockefeller, the book’s price is Rs 1381 on Amazon which is costly for many people in India. I read a PDF of this book which took me almost 2 -months to complete. Therefore I will suggest that if you have to choose between time and money, a wiser option is to pick time because money is unlimited time is limited. For all those people who are good at reading PDFs download the book from this link. It’s a must-read for any trader out there. This book has everything you need. Easy language and in-depth analysis. The price of this book for the 2019 edition is Rs 1381.
Technical Analysis for Dummies - best books to learn trading
Technical Analysis for Dummies – best books to learn trading

A lot of people start index options trading and land up on my Youtube channel. The derivative is a complex market product it requires skills. Make the most use of this article.

Best Books to learn Trading in Derivatives

  • Derivatives: A Guide to Alternative Investments – The book’s author is David M. Weiss – He was The Vice President of Goldman Sachs and also worked for NYSE. The examples in this book are all fictional to suit the requirement of explaining the concepts. It is so because real-world examples are dynamic. Hence cannot be relied upon since the derivative market has its origins outside of India. The book contains the dollar as a currency. The price of this book is Rs 3559.
  • Derivatives Principles and Practice – The book’s authors are two Indians, namely Rangarajan K Sundaram and Sanjiv R Das. The hardcover edition of the book is very costly. Therefore order the paperback for 1025 Rs on Amazon. This book will provide insight into the derivatives of the Indian markets as well
Derivatives - Principles and Practice by Rangarajan K Sundaram and Sanjiv R Das
best books to learn trading in derivatives
Derivatives – Principles and Practice | best books to learn trading

There are a few more books that I am going to refer to here. You can click on the image and buy them from Amazon if you want. These are very costly books you can either choose to make your own library or go to one.

  • Derivatives Theory and Practice Rs 5099 Paperback – Buy on Amazon, Book is imported.
  • Option, Futures and Other Derivatives Rs 3879 Paperback – Buy on Amazon
  • Pricing and Hedging Financial Derivatives Rs 6210 Hardcover – Buy on Amazon
  • Applied Quantitative Finance for Equity Derivatives Rs 7023 Paperback – Buy on Amazon
Derivative Theory and Practice - Best Book for trading in derivatives
Derivative Theory and Practice – Imported book | best books to learn trading
Option future and other derivatives
Options Futures And Other Derivatives | best books to learn trading

What is the difference between paperback and hardcover books?

Hardcover Books – The books use cardboard, which is hard for the front and back cover, along with acid-free paper for written content. Overall the quality of the pages used is exceptional.

Paperback Books – The books uses soft paper for front and back covers. A cheaper quality of the paper material for the book’s content. However, it does not make a big difference if you buy a paperback or a hardcover.

Pricing and Hedging Financial Derivatives
Pricing and Hedging Financial Derivatives | best books to learn trading

All the books suggested on Derivatives are exceptionally well-written. You can choose to order any one book from the list of 6 books mentioned above. The only pain point is the cost of these books.

Best Books on Investment & best books to learn trading

There are a few classic books in the field of Managing Investment. These books interrelate the essence of human behavioural psychology, economics, and commodity into the concept of equity. There is no one way of doing things. Therefore we have a platter of books from which we can choose our strategy.

Classics on Investing

Behavioural Finance | best books to learn trading in behavioural finance

Psychology and Human Behaviour are the two cornerstones of the philosophy of this approach.