We are Hiring

We are hiring people from diverse backgrounds and streams. But this hiring is more collaborative in nature. We are looking for the following people to work with us because we work on the revenue sharing model, therefore before reading this page go through the table of contents to save time.

  1. Qualities we are looking for
  2. YouTube Content Creators
  3. Authors/Writers
  4. Graphic Designers
  5. SEO Experts
  6. Programmers
  7. Hiring Requirements in number
  8. Our Contact details

Qualities we are looking for

Firstly, we are a growing startup in an environment that is challenging. Secondly, we are actively seeking creators from diverse fields such as Economics, Finance, History, Art & Culture, Health care, Beauty & DIY, Wellness, Travelling, Science& Technology, Gaming, Philosophy, Psychology, any field of Interest etc. Individuals who can go into the details of the topics and with their creativity explain it to the reader in simple language. People who have the following qualities like

  • Honesty
  • Discipline
  • Punctuality
  • Creativity
  • Perseverance

YouTube Content Creators

Our objective is to create simple, engaging and informative videos on the basics of finance and the Indian economy. Our YouTube channel is –  Lrnin YouTube channel. Video creators and Interested people can contact us on the support email or WhatsApp number shared below.

Individual Vs Collective efforts

One might get an impression that even individually one can create a channel or website and can grow. Here we would like to inform you that a single individual has limited resources. More brains and more hands have the same compounding effect that we study in mathematics. Therefore think twice before choosing an organization to work with. We strive to grow with you and help you in achieving your overall well being.

Hiring YouTube Creators
Hiring YouTube Creators

Authors – Content Creators

Good authors are pure artists. Anyone who would like to work as an author or a video creator with our team can work. We publish articles from diverse backgrounds like

  • Financial institutions
  • Financial instruments
  • Utilities
  • Global markets
  • Trading
  • Investing techniques
  • New and emerging technology
  • Personalities
  • Any topic of interest other than finance with a specialization

We love dedicated people, people with a passion for creating something beautiful. Pay will be discussed individually. All the applicants should either send the attachment of their resume in word or pdf format to the email below.

  • Full-Time authors/Creators
  • Part-time authors/Creators
  • Students and Freshers
  • Teachers and artists

All these people irrespective of their age group can join us in our initiative of free learning. The more people will join efforts, the better it becomes for everyone to understand information. Free learning is the way forward.

Hiring NISM Certified Analysts and Advisors/Advisers

Firstly, NISM Certified analysts with valid certificates can list themselves on lrnin to get more leads. Secondly, the listing section is under development and will be coming up soon.

The function of an advisor is to guide new investors and traders on how to handle their investments. A lot of people get calls from advisories that do not employ certified advisors. Therefore, we will verify their certificates before listing them. A certified adviser listed on our platform will be able to provide all such facilities. He/She will also be able to handle the clients directly.

  • Copy Trading
  • Portfolio Performance
  • Advisory services
Hiring Analysts
Hiring Analysts

Graphic Designers

Graphics are a crucial aspect of design. Exceptional graphics includes the right blend of creative designs in the form of lines, curves and the right proportion of colours. Canva has made it easy for a person to create graphics. Nevertheless, it cannot replace the original works of conventional creators. Therefore, we need people like you to be a part of our journey.

Programmers Hiring

To keep Lrnin up to date, alive we need experienced programmers who can take up the task of keeping things light and fast. Website security is both an opportunity and a challenge. Moreover, a robust website provides a seamless experience to its users. Consequently, we would like to partner with programmers. There are dual challenges in the field of technology at one end we need more content rendering, at the other, we need more speed.

S.NOProfession (Part-time/ Full Time)Qty
1 Authors, writer5
2NISM Certified experts5
3Insurance Experts2
4Seo Expert1
5Programmer (Developer, Designer)5
6Graphics Designer2
Hiring Requirements

Contact us

We are available at direct messages on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook Messenger from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Indian Standard Time Monday to Friday. However, emails are welcomed on Saturday and Sunday as well. Please provide all the details that you find fit for the job. Half-hearted applications will not be entertained. Also, the number is for contacting via WhatsApp. We have the option to work from home. Therefore you will have all the freedom to carry out your day to day activities and be a part of something greater.