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The best thing about Naukrigulf Premium Service 2022

Naukrigulf is a platform that is used by many talented Indians who would like to work abroad in the Gulf countries. The Naukrigulf platform is an arm of The company Naukri is a job search engine in the private sector for millions of Indians. It provides an opportunity for the recruiters to scout good talent at a reduced cost. It gives an opportunity to a candidate for a promising future. The structure of the company is as follow

  • The parent company for Naukri is Info Edge
  • The parent company for Naukrigulf is Naukri

Info Edge is a listed company whose share price is 5415 INR and trades on both the exchanges NSE and BSE.

Dubai gulf
Dubai Gulf

Naukrigulf Services

There are many services offered by the Naukrigulf premium but one service which stands apart is the help in resume writing. There are two parts to it. One is the cover letter and the other is the resume. The service which is being written about is the Naukri Resume Writing. There are two parts to it. One is creating an outstanding resume. The second part is giving you preference for a certain duration of time. The purpose is to give you a reach for the amount that is being paid.

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Resume Writing
  3. Flexibility in payment
  4. Highlighting profile for 3 or more months

The services are availed after a discussion with the sales representative. The payment is a negotiable thing which a person can discuss according to their budget with the sales manager from the Naukri team. People in the Naukri fraternity are friendly and understand the monetary constraints. Therefore they will help you out in your journey to land a good job. There is more for every penny you pay. The team can customize the package according to the payment, requirement and will give the best value for money.

resume writing
Resume Writing

Content Writer Naukrigulf

There are set formats of resumes and predefined keywords that a recruiter might search to find a suitable candidate. Once the payment is confirmed, the Naukri team might take a day or two to assign a person who would call you and ask you for your current resume. If you don’t have any they will give you the questions of what you have done answer them and they will create a resume for you.

Naukri Expert
Naukri Expert

The entire exercise is very cordial and you can ask the writer to make changes to your resume as per your satisfaction. Once you are satisfied, the resume writer will provide you with a word document and a pdf. He/She will also inform you that resume writing is an ongoing and endless process, you can update the resume by yourself in the word format. After you are satisfied, they will ask you to fill a survey.

Naukrigulf Alert
Naukrigulf Alert

Important Tip: If you’re not satisfied with the work. Do not fill the survey as after filling it the Naukrigulf resume writing service is considered complete. Therefore be in touch with the content writer before filling the survey and ask them to update as per your needs.

Naukrigulf Review

Unfortunately, the service is still incomplete. However, the first part of the service is complete where they have created a resume and are now going to showcase it to the recruiters. Half of the work is done now. The remaining half is more important as it will help an aspiring candidate to end his quest for a better job opportunity in the gulf.

After the completion of the service, we will share a detailed narrative of what is our experience with the team Naukri and its associate Naukrigulf. We also publish our verdict on that should our users opt for the premium service or not. Till then thank you for your time.

Kanishka Singh Rathore

Engineer Financial Planner Editor

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