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History Notes for UPSC Civil Services

#1 Best History notes for UPSC – Prehistory & Protohistory

To start the preparation of the UPSC Syllabus by taking History as the optional subject. First, we have divided the syllabus for making History notes for UPSC. Why do we study the mains exam syllabus before preparing for the prelims because it will help us in creating a base for understanding the current affairs places, people, events and everything else? Let us look at the first paragraph of the syllabus and try and understand its topics.

Archaeological sources: Exploration, excavation, epigraphy, numismatics, monuments. Literary sources: Indigenous: Primary and secondary; poetry, scientific literature, literature, literature in regional languages, religious literature. Foreign account: Greek, Chinese and Arab writers

The first paragraph

To understand the Archaeological sources we will first have to understand the basic timelines of History. History is divided into three parts. They are as follow

  1. Pre History – No written evidence this time period is divided into three phases. This is the period from 300000 yrs ago till 6000 Yrs from today.
  2. Proto History – The period is from 5500 yrs to 2600 yrs from today for India which is also the timeline for Indus Valley Civilization or Harrapan Culture.
  3. History – Everything from 2500 yrs onwards till now is history
1PRE-HISTORY3 Million Yrs before till 6000 Yrs from today
2PROTO-HISTORY5500 Yrs to 2600 from today
3HISTORYAfter 2500 Yrs from today
History notes for UPSC

Pre History is that history that has no written document, the history that is not recorded but rather is reconstructed. To understand the prehistoric period we depend upon archaeological sources.

bhimbetka-cave-paintings History notes for UPSC
S.NOName Time
1Paleolithic3 Million – 12000 Yrs from now
2Mesolithic12000 Yrs – 10000 Yrs from now
3Neolithic12000 Yrs – 6500 Yrs from now
4Bronze Age5500 Yrs – 2500 Yrs – Proto history starts – Harappan Culture
5Chalcolithic Culture4000 Yrs – 2700 Yrs from now – Proto history – Harappan Culture
Pre History Timeline – History Notes for UPSC
Bronze age in India
Bronze age India Timeline – Wikipedia Image

This video will help you locate the Prehistoric Paleolithic Sites in India


The video will help you in understanding what is language and what is the script. Also, it will help every one of us in understanding how the development of epigraphy took place across the globe.

Epigraphy History notes for UPSC

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