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The Elephant Whisperers

#1 The Elephant Whisperers Wins Oscars for Best Short Film

“From Mudumalai Reserve to Los Angeles, the heartwarming story of Raghu and Ammu and their dear caregivers. The Elephant Whisperers won Oscars 95 for Best Documentary Short Film! Congratulations” tweets IFS Praveen Kaswan.

“The Elephant Whisperers”: Best Documentary Short Subject at 95th Academy Awards, Directed by Kartiki Gonsalves and Produced by Guneet Monga along with this Chandrabose and M.M. Keeravani wins an Oscar in the category of Best Original Song (Lyrics and Music)

RRR Wins Oscars for Best Original Song

Nominated Movies along with The Elephant Whisperers

Best Documentary Short SubjectHaulout, The Martha Mitchell Effect, Stranger At The Gate, How Do You Measure A Year? The Elephant Whisperers
First Indian film to win an OscarThe Elephant Whisperers
Indian films previously nominatedThe House That Ananda Built (1969), An Encounter With Faces (1979)
Best Documentary (Short Subject)

The Story

Certainly! “The Elephant Whisperers” is a documentary film that tells the story of a baby elephant named Raghu who was left alone after his mother died. Raghu is taken care of by a couple named Bomman and Belli who are native to the Mudumalai National Park, where the film is set. The film shows how Bomman and Belli develop a special bond with Raghu and how they work to protect and care for him.

The documentary also showcases the beauty of the natural environment around them. “The Elephant Whisperers” was released on Netflix in December 2022, and it’s a heartwarming story about the special connection between humans and animals, and the importance of preserving our natural world. Indian culture is gaining momentum whereas banks are collapsing in Silicon Valley of the USA.

Kartiki Gonsalves and Guneet Monga
Kartiki Gonsalves and Guneet Monga

List of Indian Movies that won the (Oscars Academy Awards)

1983 (55th)Bhanu AthaiyaGandhiBest Costume Design
1992 (64th)Satyajit RayHonorary Oscar
2009 (81st)Resul PookuttySlumdog MillionaireBest Sound Mixing
2009 (81st)GulzarSlumdog MillionaireBest Original Song
2009 (81st)A. R. RahmanSlumdog MillionaireBest Original Score | Best Original Song
2011 (83rd)A. R. Rahman127 HoursBest Original Score | Best Original Song
2019 (91st)Guneet MongaPeriod. End of Sentence.Best Documentary (Short Subject)
2023 (95th)Kartiki GonsalvesThe Elephant WhisperersBest Documentary (Short Subject)
2023 (95th)Guneet MongaThe Elephant WhisperersBest Documentary (Short Subject)
2023 (95th)ChandraboseRRRBest Original Song (Lyrics)
2023 (95th)M.M. Keeravani RRRBest Original Song (Music)
List of Indians Who Won Oscars (Academy Awards)

Which movie won the first Oscar for Indian Production?

The Elephant Whisperers directed by Kartiki Gonsalves is the first Indian Production Movie that received the Oscars. Its Story was written by, Priscilla Gonsalves; Produced by. Douglas Blush; Kartiki Gonsalves; Guneet Monga; Achin Jain.

Which tribe do Bomman and Bellie shown in the movie ‘The Elephant Whisperers’ belong to?

Bomman and Bellie belong to the ‘Kattunayakan‘ tribe. The people of the Kattunayakan tribe can be found in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh. They have their own language similar to the Dravidian language. They are mostly illiterate and have a good sex ratio of 100 or 101 implying that they do not have a preference for a male child. They are categorized as Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs).

What is the meaning of Naatu Naatu?

If we look at the Hindi version of the song then the derived meaning is “Nacho Nacho or नाचो नाचो” -“dance dance“. Some other meanings can also be derived like “Raw, Rustic, Ethnic, Ethnicity, etc”. This song is from the movie RRR which was awarded the Oscar, Music by M.M. Keeravaani; Lyrics by Chandrabose

How many films of Indian Origin Won the Oscars?

There is a total of 6 movies for which Indian artists were awarded the Oscars. They are as follows
1) The Elephant Whisperers
2) RRR
3) Period. End of Sentence.
4) 127 Hours
5) Slumdog Millionaire
6) Gandhi

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