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Best website to learn to trade and Invest – We will strive hard to achieve our objective of making Lrnin the best website for trading and learning how to make rational investment decisions. We take inspiration from value research

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On behalf of our team, I would like to add that in the times of, Covid-19 stay safe and stay protected. The team of lrnin will pray for your well-being. We will urge you to take the necessary steps to keep yourself healthy. Eat good fresh food, take rest, stay hydrated, wear your masks, wash your hands repeatedly, and use sanitisers so that you can learn effectively. Also, follow the covid-19 protocols as has been directed by the government from time to time. Health is Wealth, keep this adage in your mind and continue doing the good things you’re doing.

Something more About us!

Our team at lrnin welcomes you to embark on a journey of free learning. One can learn about financial markets on this website and also submit their experiences, reports, stories and analysis so that everyone can benefit from the collectively shared knowledge.

About Us

Money is a super binding asset. We call it cash. If you are referring anyone to us, you will be rewarded both in kind and in terms of cash.

– K.S. Rathore

An extensive experience of the latest tools and technologies coupled with stock screening & security analysis makes us more relevant. We are also familiar with the standalone utility application, so we are in a better position to assist our users in helping them make their decisions.

Finally, our small team consists of NISM certified analysts investment advisors. We are working hard to provide good quality content and information to our users. We will provide our users with the best sources of study material. For trading, investment in the financial markets.

Our efforts will be to cover both the theoretical as well as the practical approach. Therefore, we will be able to cover all the aspects of the financial markets.

A brief structure of learning

Initially, we will focus on improving your understanding of digital securities by offering services such as

  • Operating Demat Accounts
  • Types of Assets and Securities
  • Technical Analysis
    • Candlesticks and Chart Patterns
    • Identifying Trends
  • Fundamental Analysis
    • Ratio Analysis
    • Stock Screening
  • Trading Strategies
  • Investment Strategies

Expanding the scope we are about to enter into a trajectory of the overall Indian economy. Personalities in the field of Investments, funds, stories, celebrities, sports. As the world is becoming more integrated we are becoming more diverse. Operating from Indore a growing town of Madhya Pradesh, India. Most of our works just require a quiet place and a laptop or phone depending upon what you’re signing up for.

About us
About us

With your blessings and appreciation, we will become the best website to learn trading and investment.