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YouTube Trading Tutorials

Youtube trading Tutorials

Free YouTube Trading Tutorials on LRNIN Youtube Channel – In this article, we have tried to elaborate step by step on what a person needs to do to start trading. Our introduction to the share market or trading is primarily driven by the following entities.


Firstly, we must understand that the underlying intention of all of these people reaching out to you is to benefit you. But how far they benefit you also depends upon a lot of factors. In most cases, the people reaching out to you end up harming you. Therefore a person is both sceptical and suspicious of the individual reaching out.

Youtube Trading Tutorial channel is an initiative to help create a common minimum knowledge base to understand Indian Equities. So that an individual she/he trader or investor can make a rational decision. Therefore in this series, we will provide a brief description of the topic and a video. This will help a person through reading and objectifying.

Youtube Trading Tutorials are SUPEREASY!

Trading can be learnt in 3 days but since fear of losing takes us over. It delays our learning and we end up doing the same thing in 7days. Trading requires us to have a Demat account. If you don’t have a Demat account check out our link and you would know which Demat accounts do we support. Finally, after opening your Demat account learn these steps.

  1. How to place orders in demat account, order types?

  1. Single Candle Analysis, Candlestick Patterns, Time Frame analysis, Creating charts also known as Charting
  2. What type of trading you want to do?

Charges in a Demat Account

What is an Exchange?

How to manage 10000 in the share market


If you’re a new trader and would like to start your journey by learning about the stock market. Then this is an opportunity for you to join us. We will offer you complete study material for learning all the different types of financial instruments. Types of investment products, their purpose and also how do they come into being.

The only thing we want from you is a little support. It motivates us if you share our content, give it a little appreciation or press that like button on any of the platforms. There are various ways to support us. If you’re not comfortable with publicly appreciating then you can also help us by opening your Demat account by the link provided below.

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