UPSC 2023 Calendar is available and students can easily go through the dates of the exam and make necessary arrangements in advance relating to the deadline of the exam form


The defence examination like the NDA & CDS are conducted twice every year and the date of exam is also same  in most cases. Checkout the dates for NDA & CDS 2023

Garima Singla

Garima is the topper and a 3rd rank holder in the UPSC Civil Services. The dates for Civil Services Preliminary exams are given in the link below.

Dr. Vkas Divyakirti

An educator and a teacher who runs Dhrishti IAS coaching institute. Considered as a role model for millions of students pursuing for the prestigious UPSC Civil Services.

Awadh Ojha Sir

Another educator and teacher who is popular for his distinguished style of teaching is Awadh Ojha Sir. The UPSC Prelims is scheduled to take place on 28th May 2023

Dr. Vikas with his wife

Recently apart from the channel of Dhrishti IAS Dr. Vikas also launched a channel on YouTube on his own name to give conceptual clarity on the subject and to clarify controversy

Khan Sir

Khan sir is an exemplary teacher teaching general studies to student in a simple language that is easy to understand and also delivers a lot of details and data.

Kanishka Kataria

Kanishka Kataria is a UPSC 1st rank holder in UPSC Civil Services 2018  is posing with his wife in the image and has been very vocal about his relationship.